Dealing with the high cost of living  

On this week’s Wednesday live session, Jackie is joined by Jessica Marie who is a savvy shopper, author, entrepreneur and empowerment coach with a passion to inspire others using the message that they too, can thrive during tough times and to never give up! She shared interesting but realistic tips on how to go about grocery spending wisely.  


Tell us about your journey to becoming a savvy shopper  


Jessica became a savvy shopper during her debt free journey back in 2019 with an intense determination to clear all her debts. She soon figured that the grocery category was bigger than expected and decided to dial in to the details of everything her money was being spent on to ensure there is no waste  


How did you make a decision to become debt free?  


Jessica shared that she initially sought the freedom and happiness that comes with being debt free but later realized there’s more to it than just clearing up debts. She became debt free but one major lesson she learnt was having a purpose and plan for every single spend. The grocery area is where she focused on by devising a simple strategy where she sets a stringent budget monthly. Staying within this budget makes her feel safe and secure so she made sure to not exceed it. 


Give us tips on how to shop for grocery 


We really don’t need to buy that much groceries! Jessica shared that before every grocery trip she takes stock of everything she has and then makes meal plans based on what is available. This tip helps with saving money spent on random cravings as most times we need to remember we’re not living to eat but eating to live. She added that it is important to shop with a list, this list gives her an idea where to go. Try getting staple supplies from low end stores as much as you can to save.  

Having a list and plan helps reduce waste but also puts you in a position of power over your finances because we tend to lose guard when it comes to groceries. You also want to ensure that you’re buying what you can afford to avoid getting a declined transaction at the cashier. You want to check on your account balance to see what you can afford and how to make the most out of your stipulated budget. You want to be able to put that debit card in the machine with confidence!  


Has anything changed with the way you’ve been doing things as we are now experiencing high costs for everything? 


Jessica shared that her experience has not necessarily changed as her debt free journey helped her to maintain a stringent process that still works. She added that although she eased off a bit after she became debt-free, she was still in the former mindset and it was easy to just dial it back in. She confirms that groceries have really become expensive but one thing she does is go grocery shopping when there’s a 50% clearance on items like meat and then go on to preserve them properly. Another tip is try to buy more frozen items as opposed to fresh ones so they can last longer.  


What would you say to someone who is struggling to pay for their groceries but isn’t sure where to start?  


No matter what your situation is or the circumstance, you can do it! So don’t be afraid to deal with it head on and take that first step. It is also important to try to speak to someone who can offer help or advice and walk you through the journey of financial freedom. Jessica also has a support group that helps women who are interested in becoming financially free.  


Jessica can be found on Facebook @ Jessica Marie where she helps a community of women become financially free. We hope these tips can be applied to your day-to-day life in hopes of gaining that financial freedom that will allow you to allocate resources to other important expenses. We have a team of financial planners that can help you figure out how to organize your finances differently to ensure you’re making the most out of every dollar spent! Reach out to us at or reach out to for a complimentary strategy session.  

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