Creating a mentor mindset: How to become one or find one

Greetings, Confidant community! Welcome to another edition of Live at Five with the Financial Confidant. this week’s session is all about the power of mentorship, featuring insights from the lively and talented Helen Patterson, founder of Life Works Well. But before we dive into the discussion on mentorship, let’s rewind and explore the catchy introduction that got us grooving.

Dancing Through Wisdom: “It’s so fun dancing with you, Helen. Hello, Confidant community. It’s Live at Five with the Financial Confidant.” These are the opening words that set the tone for an engaging conversation. The mention of Drea Davenport from the Brand New Heavies and her inspirational lyrics emphasizes the importance of wisdom in our lives, a theme that resonates throughout the upcoming dialogue.

Setting the Stage

After sharing some profound lyrics and introducing Helen Patterson, the focus shifts to mentorship. Jackie, our charismatic host, underscores the significance of having mentors in one’s life, drawing from personal experiences and highlighting the role of mentors in shaping her financial journey.

Exploring Mentorship

Helen Patterson, an expert in creating healthy workplaces, sheds light on the mentorship landscape. She delves into her personal journey, from practicing law to entering the field of human resources, all while recognizing the value of mentorship. Her passion for making mentorship accessible to everyone becomes apparent, triggered by her observation of mentorship programs catering to only a select few.

Finding a Mentor

The conversation takes an informative turn as Helen offers practical advice on finding a mentor. She suggests exploring mentorship programs within organizations, industry associations, and online platforms like LinkedIn. Emphasizing the importance of building genuine connections, Helen encourages individuals to attend networking events and engage with potential mentors.

Mentorship Mindset

The discussion seamlessly transitions to the mentorship mindset, with Helen and the Financial Confidant sharing personal experiences. They discuss the impact of mentors in their lives, reflecting on the absence of financial mentors during their formative years. This sets the stage for a deeper exploration of mentorship in the realm of finance.

Differentiating Mentorship and Sponsorship

A crucial segment of the conversation involves distinguishing between mentorship and sponsorship. Helen provides clarity by stating that a mentor talks to you, a coach talks with you, and a sponsor talks about you. The discussion touches upon the significance of sponsors in championing individuals and the evolving landscape of mentorship.

Advice for Aspiring Mentors

For those considering becoming mentors, Helen shares valuable advice. She encourages potential mentors to reflect on their expertise, identify what they can offer, and assess their commitment to the mentorship journey. The conversation reinforces the idea that mentorship is a reciprocal relationship, where both parties contribute and learn from each other.

Financial Wisdom and Reflections

As the dialogue wraps up, the Financial Confidant asks Helen about the financial advice she would give her younger self. Helen stresses the importance of learning about finances early, cultivating a healthy relationship with money, and embracing the freedom that financial stability brings.

Helen Patterson and Jackie take the audience on a journey through the world of mentorship. From finding mentors to understanding the mentorship mindset, this conversation serves as a guide for individuals seeking personal and financial growth. As we wrap up, the overarching message remains clear – mentorship is a powerful tool for shaping our lives and achieving success. So, Confidant community, let’s dance through the wisdom of mentorship and embrace the opportunities it brings to our lives.

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