Mindshift Mastery and Emotional Resilience

From Distraction to Deep Focus
With the opening song “Didn’t Ya Know “by Erica Badu setting the stage, this session is
shout out to those individuals at a turning point in their lives, trying to figure out what
they’re going to do next. These days with inflation, high interest rates, and unsteady job
markets its easy want to avoid dealing with your fears directly. Mindshift Mastery is all
about taking a step back from the real-life external factors that are stressing you out and
taking a deeper look within.
How do we get our mindset right?
It starts with appreciating that we already have the mindset inside of us. This week on
our live we got a chance to talk to Sandra Bekhor, of Behkor Management, who is a
positive intelligence and marketing coach for lawyers and law firms. Sandra talked
about, the importance of understanding how the mind works. For example, envision
yourself as having two minds. The “good mind” and the “bad mind” or an angel and a
devil so to speak. Mastering self-talk to the bad mind and recognizing that you have
control over your good and bad mind is powerful. Turn the bad mind’s comments about
you into a joke and blow it off! You don’t have to take what the bad mind says to you
seriously… It’s about learning to understand what you’re feeling and approaching those
feeling more empathy for our lowest self. Taking that approach takes time and patience,
but worth the effort.
How do we approach a toxic work environment?
Start with a positive mindset. If go through the day or week dreading it and continuously
thinking how bad it is going to be. It is going to be bad. Give your positive and
compassionate side space to think and remind yourself of previous encounters where
you had a good experience at work after expecting a negative one. How did you
approach that circumstance, what energy did you bring to that work situation? How
The importance of Interrupting
Another strategy you can use to master your mindset is all about interrupting negative
thoughts. Get into the habit of interrupting negative thoughts with positive ones. The
good news is the more you counter negative thoughts with positive ones, the bigger
impact it will have on your outlook over time and help you on your journey to building a
more resilient mindset. The key to this practice is doing it as often as possible. Keep
interrupting the negative thought patterns as soon as they occur. This is not a one and
done strategy… It must be practiced constantly to give you the best results.
Advice to someone who feels stuck
Start with being ok with parts of yourself you may not feel great about. No one likes to
admit to feelings of jealousy, fear, or other emotions we don’t like to attribute to
ourselves. To get out of your head and back into the present, where great things can
happen, it’s crucial to embrace radical honesty! Be ok with negative emotions and be
kinder to this part of yourself. Give this part of yourself encouragement, and permission
to make mistakes and to learn from them. Practicing radical empathy and radical
honesty with yourself, will be a turning point on the journey to mastering your mindset!
For more tips on how to master your mindset, reach out to
sandrabekhor@bekhor.ca If you feel stuck when it comes to
mastering your mindset around your finances, please feel free to
connect with us for a 30 minute strategy session reach out to our
client experience manager jody.euloth@askjackie.ca.

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