Year-end Donation strategies  

We all made it to the end of 2022! If you are reading this, welcome to the last live conversation of the year. This week, Jackie is joined by Sara to talk about year-end donation strategies. For more than 15 years Sara has dedicated her career to connecting people to amazing projects through Philanthropy. Her focus at Women’s College Hospital Foundation is to inspire the community to prioritize women and their health, to create a more equitable healthcare experience for us all. Caring for people is what drives Sara’s passion!  


Tell us about some of the WCH accomplishments that your are most proud of this year 


It has been an amazing year, and one of the activities that stood out was the in-person black women’s healthcare summit that happened for the first since launching during the pandemic. At the event, we showcased some of the research that has been ongoing and clinical advancements deployed so far, how we deliver care differently and provided education to the amazing women in our community. As a sequel to the healthcare summit, WCH organized some smaller targeted events where women could come in, get screened and also network with other women in a safe environment where they can have important conversations about their health.  


What are some of the ways people can engage charities to help or show support 


We usually look at it as 3 Ts – time, treasure, talent. These are the 3 ways you can show support to any charity of choice. You have to really think of how you can help a charity that would be most beneficial to them. For some it could be volunteering at events, donating food, donating cash and so on. It is important to get in touch with them before proceeding to show support, ask questions about their current need to help lessen the crunch this season.  


What ways can people give to charity 


There are multiple ways in which people can lean in and support. One way is making a direct donation one time, but what’s better is spreading it out monthly. Charities are able to plan better when they have consistency and monthly donors helps them thrive throughout the year. The second strategy is to consider opportunities that recognize important people in your life by donating to charities in honour of them. These gifts tends to be unforgettable too.  


The third strategy is to get your company involved, pitch a charity donation program to your employer. Last strategy is to think about your legacy planning, incase making that transformational gift to charity seems overwhelming it might be better to speak to your financial advisor about adding it to your legacy plan. If you are able to include them in your will, be sure to inform the charity so they are aware. Remember, a charity donation is that gift that keeps on giving  


Can you tell us what WCH has in store for 2023  


2023 will be our 143rd anniversary and to celebrate, we will be talking about how we have made transformational gains in research, looking at things like our invention of the simplified pap-smear test, mammography as the tool for breast cancer screening was also invented at WCH and we would touch on our continuing research that adds to the existing work that the amazing women have worked on so far. We will go harder in our campaign for women’s healthcare and bring along the younger generation who are women from diverse backgrounds as the next generation of women to make a lasting impact in the society.  


If you are looking for a financial advisor to help set up a legacy plan that lets you make a lasting impact on charities you are passionate about please reach out to us. Take charge of your money today and let us help you build your financial fortress in these uncertain times. We are happy to have a 30-minute conversation where we delve into a customized retirement plan for you. Please reach out to Also, feel free to share your questions with us here or on our social platforms 

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