–  How do I benefit from a financial plan?

Here are some of the tangible ways a financial plan can help you.

o   Providing a clear roadmap to achieving your financial goals.
o   Forecasting retirement readiness and providing action steps to take
o   Smartly saving for the future
o   Selecting the right investment that can reduce your fees, have strong diversification, and outperform inflation.
o   Choosing the right investments based on your life stage and overall circumstances.
o   Reducing interest costs on your debts over time.
o   Knowing your financial risks and having a plan for it.
o   Reducing your tax bills now and in the future by selecting the right investments.
o   Thoughtfully transferring your wealth to your loved ones.

–  What are the fees involved and how are you paid?

Our goal is to offer our clients comprehensive and customized financial plans. We charge fees so that we can offer unbiased recommendations without any obligations on your part.

The financial planning fees depend on the complexity of your situation.

Should you choose to move your investment to us, industry-standard investment management fees will apply depending on the investments selected. We receive standard industry trailer fees regardless of the investment we recommend. Our fees are based on the size of your investment which means we are incentivized to grow your wealth creating a win-win relationship.

Should you choose to act on our insurance recommendation, there is no charge other than the insurance premium paid to be directed to the insurance company. We receive commission directly from the insurance company based on the insurance solution selected.

–  What is the benefit of going independent versus the bank?

As an independent broker working with major insurance and investment institutions, we offer unbiased investment and insurance recommendations.

Bank advisors tend to move around putting your long-term relationship with your advisor at risk when you may need it the most. However, with an independent advisor, you are choosing your life-team member.

–  I am ready to get started, what next?

Please reach out to our Client Experience Manager, Jody Euloth at You can also book a call with Jody through this link.

– How long does it normally take to complete a plan?

It depends on the complexity of your situation. Shorter plans can take up to 3 meetings over 6 weeks. Longer plans can take up to 6 meetings throughout 6 to 12 months. However, we work at your pace, and we pride ourselves on being professional nagger to honour the commitment you made to yourself to get your financial house in order.

–  Who is on your team?

We are a fully equipped team of eight dedicated to serving you as you go through your financial journey with us. Check our team guide here ( Client guide ) to learn more about us.

–  What happens after the initial plan?

At the end of the initial plan, we will provide you with a high-value document that outlines our recommendations and provide detailed action steps. We will professionally nag and assist you to take the actions required to build your net worth.

We also schedule regular follow-up meetings to ensure you are on track and that your plan is still relevant as your financial situation changes.

As our client, we make ourselves available to you should you have questions and need assistance beyond the initial financial planning process.


–  What is your investment philosophy and approach?

Our investment choice is driven by the data and supported by Nobel prize-winning academic research. We focus on controlling what we can and avoiding shiny objects in the market.

–  Are you an investment company?

We are not an investment company. We partner with major investment companies in the market through our relationship with Carte Wealth Management, our broker-dealer.
Carte allows us to act as a facilitator to connect you with the right investment company based on our investment analysis and your risk tolerance.
Your investments are held directly by investment companies which are protected through Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). CIPF protects up to $1 million in investment for each account type. ( ).
We act as your investment advisor for any investments you implement through us.


–  How do you choose the best insurance for me?

As a broker, we work with all major insurance companies in the market. This allows us to provide the best solution for you objectively. Our recommendations are based on a detailed risk analysis customized to your unique situation.

–  Are you an insurance company?

We are not an insurance company, but as a broker, we act as a facilitator to connect you with the right insurance company based on our risk analysis.
Your insurance contracts are held directly by the insurance company.
We act as a servicing agent for any insurance policies you implement through us.