How to boost your business mojo – A conversation with Valeri Hall Little

Running a business is not easy. You often must be prepared to make many attempts to sustain and grow the business. However, sometimes failures could test your fate and passions for leading a business. In this week’s LinkedIn Live at 5, we invited Valeri Hall Little, Founder and Business Coach of Built to SOAR to share about getting the mojo back when setbacks happen in our business running.  


1/ Is it possible to keep the business mojo high at all the times? 

The answer is no. Even though it is important to nurture the mojo you have for your business, it is not possible to keep the connection to our craft, mission, and vision high all the time. Therefore, being a student of our business and being prepared for failures could help put us in the mindset of continuous learning and increase our curiosity. Being clear about the mission and vision of our business can remind us why we started the business at the first place. When things don’t go as planned, our curiosity will help us figure out the problem and lead us to the solutions we need to keep going.  


2/ What are the reasons many people are seeking a new start in the second quarter? 

The ripples and effects of the pandemic. Your business model might have changed, and your business might not be operating in the way that you expected due to Covid. Some businesses could find it difficult to hire a good team, find a decent number of clients and generate positive revenue, which results in slow operations in the business. On the other hand, some businesses experience rapid growth when they are not prepared for it, which leads the team to struggle to keep up with the demand and may not have had time to think through whether the new market they are in aligns with their business goals. Whatever the case is, the ripples from Covid-19 have absolutely challenged business owners to re-evaluate, re-plan and re-direct their business operations.  


3/ What can business owners do to maintain their business mojo? 

  • Check in with employees and yourself: Loss of motivation and passion usually happens with signs. Frequently asking yourself and your team how they feel about the work they’re doing. If they discover that they are on autopilot mode and are not emotionally fulfilled when we are doing our work, that is the first clue to reflect and take action.  
  • Jumpstart our mojo by changing our work routine. You can change your work environment: going to the office, working in a coffee shop or playing some music before you start working. Small changes could go a long way in improving moods and can really impact how you work. 
  • Giving gratitude: we tend to wonder what went wrong and get lost in the weeds when a setback happens. However, when things are not going our way, it is crucial that you remind yourself of your achievements, the impacts that you have been doing so far.  Doing so can help to bring you back to your why and help to keep you going.  


4/ How to fuel your passion when it is low? 

Consider receiving support from your tribe and giving support to other people who have a greater need for support than you. As a business owner, you must surround yourself with those that lift you up, so that when things start going in the wrong direction, you can ask for help from your support circle. People in your tribe can include your coach, other business owners you know, or close friends, who understand and can provide you with a critical perspective on your situation. It is also important for you to fill up other people’s cups when yours is being filled by the community. You can start by donating, volunteering for an organization or a cause that you feel connected to. Even though it might not have a direct impact on your business, they remind you why it matters for you to be in business and how impactful you are to the community. 


We are positive that the wisdom by Valeri is helpful for you and your business, especially in the first stage of the second quarter. If you are interested, you can connect with Valeri and her team through this link. Valeri organizes a free group sharing session every Friday for business owners to meet, share their wins of the week and set intentions for the next one.  You can also look into her Sky-High Collective program, where you could join a community of business owners. We recommend booking a clarity chat with her to figure out where you are and what your next steps should be to boost your business mojo.  


Team Jackie Porter is always happy to provide you a free 30-minute consultation session to help you understand your business’s financial situation and create a roadmap for your business to achieve the next financial goals. Hit us up at for more information.  




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