How to Form A High Performing Team for Your Business

What does it take to build a high preforming team? This past week, on our Linked In Live at 5, we were joined by Hilda Gan, an HR professional and Founder of People Bright Consulting to discuss this important topic.

What gets in the way to building a great team?

Many women feel they have to work hard at their business to become successful. This may have to do with not earning what they should as business owners because they may not be charging enough. It may also stem from feeling that the responsibilities of building their business rests solely on their shoulders and they simply cannot rely on anyone else to grow their business and without realizing it adapt a Lone Wolf mentality. But being independent only gets so far especially once you get to a certain stage your business you have to trust- trust your instincts and trust other people. Developing skills to identify great people to add to your team becomes essential to the growth of your company.

Hilda Gan Joins us From People Bright explains her Journey and Passion for Building a Team

Hilda Gan of People Bright joined us to talk about her journey of starting as a nurse because she liked the combination of caring for people and science. Then her and husband built an engineering company with a goal of having people who love what they do and love where they worked. This idea led them to build out a company with 125 employees with 7 offices across Canada. Over that time, they were recognized as a Best Workplaces in Canada® top ten twice. Since then, her and her husband sold the company and Hilda has been on a mission to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses that want a strong healthy work culture and are looking for concrete strategies to help their companies and employees become the best versions of themselves.


REV UP Stands for 5 Principles:

1.Treat people with Respect.

2.Look at them as Equals

3. Value who there are

4. Look at their Uniqueness

5. Tap into their Potential

If you adopt a mindset of REVing UP your team and the people you influence, imagine what you can do for creating a high preforming team!


1) Empower the people that you have, Trust the people that you have to push the company forward toward the goals of the company.

2) Hire people to do the things you don’t like to do and you are not good at.

3) Hire people who are passionate about the work that they do and are efficient at getting it done.

4) They have endless energy and endless enthusiasm for the work they love to do, and they have gotten accolades for it.

5) Go with your gut and not just the resume.

6) Hire slow… and Fire fast if you are “not sure”. (consider a 3 month or 6 month probationary period.

7) Once hired, check in with your existing team members to see how they are fitting into the team.

8) Also identify if there is a person currently in the team that is dragging the work culture down, it may be time for you to make a change in the team (letting go of the negative person) and you will be surprised to see the positive impact letting go of a person in your company will have in the long run. Keep in mind a negative person will affect a high performing team in terms of effectiveness, productivity and keeping the work culture positive…


As you build out the company you need to start thinking about your beliefs, and find people who match your vision and values. That is a sure-fire way to build a strong work culture. If you are not sure what your mission, vision and values are, and your stuck in the grind of the business, work with an HR professional or business coach. They (a clear mission, vision and values -form the foundation and) can help you to identify the kind of clients you want; the employees you want how you want your run the operations side of your business. Reach out to for more information on how to become intentional about how you hire.


Leverage your team to get more done, build more growth in your business and create more impact in the marketplace!!

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