Divorce Planning in the Pandemic

divorce planning

The pandemic hasn’t created many additional challenges but has amplified the difficulties couples have been facing. This week on our Live, we hosted Olivia from Shulman & Partners LLP to discuss the common challenges couples have been facing during the pandemic and how to ease divorce planning.


What factors have escalated separation for couples during the pandemic?

Extensive shared time:

Working from has allowed couples to save time on commuting and work, giving more time for families to spend quality time together. However, being locked down in the same living space for an extended period of time during the pandemic has been challenging for couples. Without many alternatives to spending personal time outdoors, couples may have had greater stress which may impact separation.

Disagreements around safety:

Disagreements around children’s responsibilities have been another challenge for couples as they may have had opposing views about how to keep their children safe during the pandemic. With the option of in-person and virtual learning, some couples may have disagreements around whether their children should go back to in-person learning and activities or not.

Financial issues:

The pandemic has caused additional financial issues for couples who might have previously had financial challenges, creating further stress on the relationships. With job loss, increased expenses, and changing financial support systems, the pressure on couples to manage their finances together have been additionally difficult.


What are some challenges couples have been facing during divorce planning?

Managing changes:

In addition to challenges within their dynamic, trying to manage custody and time allocation for kids has been more difficult than usual as there are further safety concerns. Fortunately, people have greater knowledge and experience on how to navigate issues relating to the pandemic as it continues.

Legal procedures:

Couples might be unaware of the legal procedures they have to go through when they decide to separate. Fortunately, lawyers listen to their clients’ concerns to provide effective solutions for their challenges. These professionals keep up with the changing law and regulations to help couples who might not be informed about divorce processes. Olivia mentioned that she is grateful she has access to a diverse group of lawyers at Shulman & Partners LLP with varying levels of experience that she can draw on when dealing with divorce case law that continues to evolve during covid.


How can couples prepare for divorce planning?

Managing expectations:

Going through a separation can be emotionally and financially draining, especially if couples get carried away with emotions and challenges instead of focusing on problem-solving. Managing expectations and keeping an open mind can help couples to understand their needs for the divorce and create an action plan. If couples have financial issues to sort, addressing their concerns to their lawyer can ease the divorce planning process. For example, Olivia mentioned how separation agreements can couples settle their issues easier than going to court which may take longer.

Understanding needs:

Trying to understand what your, your ex-partners, and your kids’ needs can help couples navigate divorce easier. Acknowledging needs can help couples make a more informed plan towards finding solutions in their divorce.

Being prepared:

Since divorce planning involves financial procedures, being on top of your finances and having your statements can help ease the process. In addition to easing processes, it can also help to set a plan around allocating assets. If you need a financial plan to figure out your event planning, reach out to our team to learn about our divorce planning services! For advice legal advice on your divorce reach out to Olivia and her Team at Shulman & Partners LLP!

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