Travel Restrictions between Provinces and Countries This Summer 2021

Travel Restrictions between Provinces and Countries This Summer 2021

Are you bursting with vacation fever after all these lockdowns? We discussed travel restrictions between provinces and countries as well as opportunities for summer 2021 travellers on our Instagram Live at 5 this week with Travel Design by Leila.


How have travel restrictions between provinces and countries impacted Canada?

The economy has significantly been impacted with less money spent in hotels, restaurants, museums and more during the lockdown. As one in 10 jobs in Canada are in hospitality and travel, the lack of tourism impacted both businesses and the job market.


What are some of the current travel restrictions between provinces, countries and continents?

Some European countries are currently allowing people who received their second doses to travel and might require digital vaccine passports. However, the details of such vaccine passports haven’t been announced. Fortunately, you don’t need to consider travelling abroad this summer to get the vacation you need. As more Canadians are vaccinated, the lockdown restrictions keep getting lifted which eases travelling across Canada. It is even easier and cheaper to travel within your province as you won’t need to spend as much on transportation and accommodations.


What’s our advice for summer 2021 travellers?

  1. Travel local:

To support Canadian businesses and economy, we suggest you consider travelling between provinces the next time you make travel plans. In addition to supporting local businesses, travelling local can also allow us to explore the hidden gems of our country that many tourists are coming from abroad to see.

  1. Plan ahead!

The travel restrictions across the country keep changing which might confuse you so plan ahead and make sure what you will need to go to the vacation you need. There are many flexible travel programs that allow you to change your dates in case of changing restrictions. If you don’t want to be surprised by any potential risks around your vacation, plan ahead and contact your travel destination to learn more about their current offers.

  1. Prepare a budget:

Make sure to prepare all the costs associated with your trip and factor in some additional expenses that may arise from changing COVID regulations.


Where can you visit in Ontario?

There are many parts of Ontario that are hidden gems. If you haven’t been to Prince Edward Country and the Niagara region, we definitely recommend you check it out this summer. If you are into ‘glamping’, there are great spots around Barrie, Muskoka and Algonquin Park. There are also some spas that are open right now if you want to relax and let go of the pandemic stress. If you want to discover more travel spots, make sure to check Leila’s website!


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