A letter from the CEO’s desk

Team Jackie Porter… You know what? growth can be painful. I was reflecting on the growth we experienced since the pandemic and how much I needed to grow as a leader to continue to serve my clients and my team and guess what? I am still working on myself and building on my success and failures and I have come to realize that this process never ends.


During that time I have had to dig deep, put on my big girl pants, become more vulnerable and at the same time get better at setting boundaries. This is the journey of every woman finding herself and coming into her own as a leader. It takes time to admit you are wrong and to ask for help but ladies we have to do it.


Since the pandemic I have had a lot of ups and downs building a team, and it forced me to really think through what my values are, instead of just looking at what prospective employees resume looks like. I reflected deeply on the people I wanted to surround my self with for 40 plus hours a day (albeit remotely).


Now, I am proud to look around and write the next chapter of TJP with an amazing group of individuals that recognize the importance of Patience, Purpose, Persistence, Practice, Proactivity, Permission and Play in how we approach life and finances. We want to bring these values to you in everything we do because let’s face it, talking about money isn’t always easy. Confidante community I want you to know we have got your back!


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