Positive Experience with Financial Planning – A conversation with Erin Leslie

You might be considering getting yourself a financial planner to help you with your money. When it comes to such important and personal matters as one’s finance, we understand it takes a lot for you to trust someone to handle it. In this week’s live, we invite one of our clients, Erin Leslie to talk about her experience doing a financial plan with Team Jackie Porter.  


Erin’s Story 

Erin is an owner of a one-on-one career coaching business called EQFootprints. She helps her clients figure out their passions and determine the next actions to achieve their goals. As she fulfills her purpose every day, she realizes that it is important to have different people to keep her focused, balanced, and progressing in life. That’s where Jackie comes in as her personal finance manager and advisor to help align her financial habits to her financial goals.  


What led Erin to do a financial plan? 

Erin learned from her marriage separation that everyone must take ownership of their finances instead of expecting their partner to take the full burden. After meeting Jackie  at an event Jackie spoke at  4 years ago, she was inspired to get her finances together. She realized that it was a burden to put on her ex-husband to take care of the family’s finances. Women usually live longer than men, and the uncertainty of life could bring a lot of trouble to Erin if she is not informed of her financial situation. Since having Jackie as her financial advisor, she has been building her confidence on being aware and mindful of her money.  


Going through the financial planning process, what was Erin’s biggest takeaway? 

We all have a connection with money from birth to death. Everyone wants to live life to the fullest. However, our being is not fully independent, and life is not certain. We want to make sure that when we are less capable of taking care of ourselves and working to make ends meet, we are still comfortable paying for assistance and the help we need. Erin, for example, is fortunate to not have any dependents to worry about post-retirement. However, to those that have people relying on their finances, you need to set your financial intentions clear so that if something unfortunate happens to you, they will not get the burden of having to figure out things for you. The earlier we recognize the importance of financial planning, the less stressed we are, the longer, joyful life we enjoy.  


What was your biggest fear coming into the process of financial planning? 

Financial management used to trigger and irritate Erin. She was afraid of showing her lack of skills in planning and managing her money. However, she is grateful that Jackie creates a safe space for questions and clarifications. It is common for financial professionals to mention technical terms with their clients. No matter how long that habit might have been built, it goes a long way for the clients when they are encouraged to ask their financial advisors to break the terms down.  


What is the advice that Erin wants to give to someone considering getting a financial plan? 

If you don’t know what your financial situation looks like in 5 or 10 years, you should get someone to help you. It is crucial to manage your risks and planning is the best way to mitigate them.  


We hope that Erin’s sharing encourages you to start planning your finances. When you are ready to start your next finance journey, hit us up at info@askjackie.ca to schedule a FREE 30-minute financial consultation with our team. Let us help you get more control of your finances and sleep better today! 

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