Building A Brand Effectively in Second Quarter – A Conversation with Cassie Drake

Cassie Drake NLP business coach, who is an ex-architect turned entrepreneur & designer of dream lifestyles, and the founder of the Social Enterprise, and the Influentielle Mastermind Program joined Jackie in this week’s live to talk about the key action steps you can take this quarter and why mindset is so crucial to the success of your business. See below for the summary of the conversation from Live at 5 with the Financial Confidante…. 


What is the similarity between building a business and constructing a building? 

Having more than 5 years of experience as an architect, Cassie approaches planning in business the same way that she would to an architect project. The three steps include: 

  1. Design: “If I could do anything, I will be this”. Think about the unique business you are bringing into existence based on your skills and knowledge. Consider no one else can build what your building. 

The first step of getting anything done is to visualize what it could be. How do you want your business to look and feel?  In this phase, you got to be the dreamer and the director of the business you want to see created in the future. As you research the business you want to build by seeing what’s out there, do NOT get stuck comparing your business to someone else’s and then get frozen in the research phase. 

  1. Plan: “If I want to build a building, where am I going to place these bricks?”. 

Don’t try to do everything at once. The second step in turning dreams into reality is to break down the goals into smaller action items. Act on some part of your overall plan each day. Imagine yourself standing in front of a map of a landscape and having access to construction resources, how would you utilize the available materials to build the building that you want?  

  1. Build: “Place each Brick down and ensure the brick is solid by checking as you go before laying down another.”  

The most important step is to… get feedback by seeing how the steps you are taking to build your business are being received by your audience. Once you have a vision and a plan, you must get your hands down and not be afraid to make them dirty. You must understand that your plan could fail, and feedback could be hurtful. However, trying out parts of your plan and documenting how your audience is responding will help you to grow by providing insight into what your business will need to do to get traction.  


How important is mindset to the success of a business?  

There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to planning for growth. However, a predictor of business growth is having a flexible mindset.  

Let’s say there is a person with a fear of public speaking who wants to be less nervous and more confident in presenting their ideas in front of a crowd. Their success or failure depends on how they think they are doing in front of the crowd. Do they think they are confident but lack the skills to calm themselves down, or do they think that they are born shy and that would be their personality for the rest of their lives? The truth is we believe what we tell ourselves. Therefore, be careful and mindful of what you tell yourself that you can or cannot do. 


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