The #1 Challenge that Leaders Face, from the Founder of Green Apple Consulting – Lisa Mitchell

How lonely can it be being at the top? Have you ever wished to have someone to understand and share with you tough decision-making? Would it be nice to have a Tinder for leaders and entrepreneurs to get the connections and advice you deserve? 

This week we met with Lisa Mitchell, the Founder of Green Apple Consulting, a coaching and consulting firm. As the former senior executive in Corporate Canada, Lisa supports Talent Management Leaders and their organizations with executive coaching and thought partner services. She hosts the podcast “Talent Management Truths” and is the proud Creator of the You [Reframed] Group Coaching Experience, and The Talent Trust, a peer community for Talent Leaders who are ready for new levels of inspiration, influence, and impact. We thank Lisa for her time and wisdom on the #1 Challenge Leaders Face Today and How to Overcome Them. 

What is the #1 challenge leaders face?

From the experience of coaching and consulting with leaders in Talent Management and other disciplines in a corporate setting, Lisa believes that every leader could get stuck in a “Reaction Bandaid Vortex”. It is when we have so many responsibilities to fulfill that we just finish our work in reaction mode. Instead of thoughtfully and critically putting our minds into bettering our output, we try to survive and just get by. 

Is there any gender difference in how people face and deal with being stuck in the Bandaid Vortex?

Women are more likely to experience imposter syndrome and take more time to make tough decisions. This might be because of the high expectations they put on themselves as leaders while lacking the resources and support they need. As a result, women tend to get stuck in the Bandaid Vortex longer than men. 

If the #1 challenge is getting caught up in the Reaction Bandaid Vortex, how to avoid it? 

Be intentional in doing the things that you are doing. If you have many things to handle, learn how to prioritize them. Ask yourself what is the one thing that if you start with, other things become less necessary or easier. Do not start your day by answering emails! Instead, spend your time on the most important tasks, and delegate other tasks to your team.

What is your advice for those who are finding their ways to get out of the Reaction Bandaid Vortex?

Leaders must have a strong community of leaders, to whom they could turn for advice and support. Find those who understand who you are in your work, who have been through what you are going through, and who could provide critical advice on pulling yourself out of the vortex. 

Being a leader is hard because you want to say yes to everything. Once leaders understand the art of saying no to things that are not directly crucial to their growth, it is easier for them to move forward with ease and peace. If you are finding your way to be intentional with your decisions, feel free to head to to get the free resource Lisa offers. She is also having some spots available at her You [Reframed] Group Coaching Experience, and The Talent Trust programs for leaders who look for exclusive peer support and guidance to elevate their influence.  

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