Slay Your Impostor Syndome


Showing up confident as a female business owner isn’t always easy to do. Who do you think you are to be starting a business and manifesting successful business owner vibes?

This week on our Live we talked to @Brianne Hanson, Cofounder of Consulting by B for small business, and corporate cheerleader. Team Jackie Porter loves that she leads on the cheerleading tip! Briane shared tips on how women can slay Imposter Syndrome and step into their power! Read on for her top five tips that the confidante community needs to know about Slaying Imposter Syndrome.

What is imposter Syndrome? Everybody has experienced but can’t necessarily put a name to it. It’s the feeling you are not worthy or good enough or that you belong in certain spaces. You also may not feel deserving based on the judgement you place on yourself and feeling judged by others as well. Your feelings may be holding you back from doing what you truly have the capabilities to do. Your feelings may separate you from the facts of your past and what gives you the power to do be able to do what are wanting to do.

1: Feelings are not facts. Everyone has an inner critic that may make them feel they are not good enough based on their how they may have interpreted the facts of their past. You may be focusing on the feelings are you are experiencing versus the facts that tell you otherwise. Ask yourself why not raise your prices based on the quality of the service or product you are offering? Fact: You have the power to nail the conversation you will have with your clients to explain your new pricing plan. Or pitch for funds to grow your business based on have a unique offering you are bringing to the world? Fact: Practice your pitch and you will have a opportunity to talk to many investors on how you can grow your business.

2. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something you think you couldn’t do. Talk to strangers, compliment them, pursue a goal you have been putting off. Challenge yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do and prove to yourself you have the power to more than you may think.

3. Stop making it about you. How someone may see you is their problem. Instead, focus on the impact you bring to the world and the legacy you will leave behind long after you are gone. As business owners and leaders, we have the power to shape the world we want to live in inside of our business and the more we build it the more of an impact we can make. The reality is the more self-conscious you are the more keenly aware you are of other people’s judgement. Turn this around by thinking about what you can give to the world instead of trying to live up to the expectations or limitations including loved ones may want to level on you.

4. Do the work! Every business owner is an experimenter in chief. There is no playbook to being a business owner that guarantees success. Running a business takes care time and attention. It also takes a lot of resilience. Sometimes it means a lot of failures before you get to enjoy the taste of success. We don’t always get to see a day in the life of a business playing itself out on other people’s perfect social media feeds. Building confidence means learning from past failures and using that experience to try a better plan the next time. Keep in mind every business owner is an experimenter in chief and will constantly need to be focused on the market they serve and the variables that constantly are changing in that marketplace if they are going to have a successful result. The more experience you gather as a business owner failure .failure..failure.. success- will contribute to building your confidence the next time you face a similar situation in your business. There are no shortcuts- Do the work!

5. Build a trophy chest of your accomplishments! Sometimes its easy to get caught up in your failures. It doesn’t feel good to fail and that inner critic can sometimes be so detrimental to your mental health. Cultivate a trophy of your accomplishments and fill it over weeks months and years as a reminder of how far you come. Sometimes when you’re in a business, the pace can move at a breakneck speed where you don’t always have time to remember to celebrate the big and small wins you have earned. Taking the time to bask in your accomplishments can be a real confidence booster- especially on those hard days of being the boss! Build a trophy and remind yourself of the milestones you have overcome. YOU’VE GOT THIS…

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