Movember: Men’s Challenges During COVID

movember mens challenges during COVID

This Movember, we are focusing on men’s challenges during COVID. Read more to learn about our insights and tips!

Mental health challenges have been one of the biggest challenges of the pandemic. In addition to the stigma around sharing mental health challenges and concerns, men face even greater barriers due to stereotypes. To celebrate Movember shed a light on men’s challenges during COVID, we hosted Ron and Mohammad on our Live this week.


What are some issues men face during the pandemic?

The lockdown led more people to constantly have shared their personal space with others. This may result in more people feeling trapped in their home and to seek more personal time. In addition to having work and school from home, COVID has eliminated activities people do by themselves such as commuting time and going to the grocery store.

With these changing living conditions, men are getting a better understanding of their needs and wants. Although many people might have not enjoyed their commute, working around others might have become a significant want as it provided an opportunity to socialize. This want might be stronger for men because men tend to have narrower social circles than women. In addition, men might not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings and concerns with others as comfortably as women. Unfortunately, this might worsen men’s mental health and increase the need to socialize.

A symptom of this problem is the pressure men face when it comes to living up to the stereotype of what it means to be a man or conforming to toxic masculinity.  The weight of the pandemic might prevent some men from facing their own fears and insecurities- especially with the added financial pressures happening in the household during Covid leading to disputes between them and their partners.


What is our advice to men on conquering these challenges? during Movember?

  1. Create your own personal space within a shared area:

As people share more of their space with others during the lockdown, it has become important for partners and families to put effort into creating and carving out space for individuals in the household. This will ensure that you get the time and space you need to unwind by yourself. 

  1. Collaborate and invest yourself in your community:

For the men who are seeking more personal time, collaborating with others might help in making better decisions. Whether it’s personal or professional, allowing multiple perspectives on challenges might allow to problem solve in unique ways. In order to achieve this, consider investing in your community. The pandemic has brought various challenges for everyone and being there for your other male friends or family who may need your support is a great way to give back and may significantly improve your well-being.

  1. Create a safe space to open up:

Keep in mind, men might need more support to open up about their feelings.  You can help men to be more open to share by using affirming body language and speech. Instead of getting mad at some men for not opening up, show warmth and emotional support to create a supportive and safe space. One way to do this is by asking questions about what they are feeling.

  1. Clear out communication:

If you are having challenges about being understood or understanding others, seek validation by asking your partner to clarify what they meant. This can save you time and help you to resolve the issue instead of building up assumptions and negative feelings. Our guest Mohammad shared how he takes notes when he gets into an argument with his partner so he can go back and get clarity on concerns she raised in the dispute. This allows him to talk to her about it later when they are both calmer.


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