Do you have enough savings for your dream retirement?

This page is dedicated to individuals and business owners who want to be in control of their current financial situation and in control of their financial future. As a financial planner for business owners and individuals, I and my team offer resources, tools and timely advice you can use to understand what a financial plan means to you and your family, advice you can use to increase your net worth and planning for your retirement.

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Jackie’s 360° Process and how she can help you.

Jackie works with individuals and couples looking to plan their financial nest egg and also business owners who are incorporated or have established a corporation.Her goal is to help ensure they are maximizing all options available for a successful career and also planning for retirement.Jackie’s 360º process is designed to bring value in how you see your financial circumstances. The 360º Snapshot is comprised of six essential components:

Financial Priorities
Cash Flow Management
Risk Management
Tax Planning
Investment Planning
Estate Planning

During the process of constructing a financial plan, each different component must be properly addressed. Jackie’s goal is to ensure that every client takes full advantage of all their financial planning opportunities.


    Individual Pension Plans for Business Owners

    Pension plans provide the best financial security in retirement, but most self-employed individuals and professionals still do not know that they are available for use.If you are self-employed, own your own business or a professional with your own practice, then we’re here to make it easy so that you can take advantage of this superior retirement savings option.

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